Tooth Colored Fillings

Composite dental fillings are a great way to restore your tooth’s health and look great at the same time. As with all of our family dentistry services, not only are they free of mercury, but composite fillings require less tooth preparation and are a minimally invasive alternative to traditional fillings.

Using tooth colored materials, white composite fillings allow us to restore your smile without it ever looking like you have had dental treatment. Each and every filling is carefully color-matched to the shade of your other teeth. Once your filling is placed, it is almost impossible to even see where it is!

Natural Color Dental Fillings

During your filling procedure, we will remove the damaged tooth structure and then gently condition the enamel in order to promote a strong bond. Using the pre-selected shade of composite, the material is then placed onto the tooth and adjusted into the desired shape. We then use a bright light to harden the composite permanently into place. In essence it not only fills your decayed tooth, it rebuilds your tooth completely.

Your white filling also contains fluoride minerals, which are slowly released into the tooth around it over a long period of time. This keeps the surrounding tooth healthy and resistant to recurrent decay around the filling.

Dream Dentist works hard to keep your fillings as small as possible. That’s why early diagnosis is key. We recommend a routine dental exam every 6 months do pinpoint areas of tooth decay in their earliest forms. In many cases they may not even need to be filled.

If you’re nervous about your dental filling or have a large amount of treatment that is needed, ask us about our flexible sedation options to keep you comfortable! Contact Dream Dentist today to schedule your appointment.