Cosmetic Dentures

What do you expect out of a high-quality, durable denture? If aesthetics isn’t on your list - it should be! As part of our family dentistry options, Dream Dentist can help you restore your entire smile’s beauty and function all at the same time, thanks to our cosmetic denture options.

All of our cosmetic dentures are designed with the end goal of a healthy, beautiful smile. Dr. Sarah Thompson, one of the nation’s most widely recognized cosmetic dentists, carefully designs each one. While replacing your teeth and making chewing more comfortable, your cosmetic denture will also return the natural beauty to your smile.

Who needs dentures? Usually someone who has lost all of their teeth due to an accident, gum disease, or severe tooth decay. Each of our cosmetic dentures is designed to stay in place without the need for pastes or adhesives. Instead, natural suction and a perfect fit are all that you need.

Complete and Partial Cosmetic Dentures

We carefully design each of our cosmetic dentures and partial dentures to closely resemble natural teeth. From the tiniest of details, your denture will give you your confidence back with the most realistic teeth possible.

Complete dentures, or “full” dentures are prosthesis that replaces all of your teeth at one time. They extend across your entire upper or lower jaw and require that there are no teeth present for their placement. Partial dentures replace several teeth at once, but can clasp into place around any healthy teeth that you still have. Because of this, partial dentures are typically smaller as other teeth in your mouth secure them in place.

Do you need a denture? Is your current denture becoming too uncomfortable to wear? Contact Dream Dentist for a comfortable denture option that fits great and looks beautiful at the same time.