St. Louis Lumineers

Lumineers are an excellent way to transform the overall appearance of your entire smile. Are you looking for an expert Lumineers dentist in St. Louis? Dream Dentist is led by Dr. Sarah Thompson, one of the most nationally recognized cosmetic dentists in the St. Louis area. Her eye for precision and detail allows her to transform the smiles and lives of each and every patient that she cares for.

With Lumineers, we are able to enhance the appearance of teeth that look:

  • Stained or discolored
  • Crooked
  • Worn, chipped or uneven
  • Irregularly shaped

No-prep, thin Lumineers allow you to change your entire smile into one that looks perfectly white and straight in no time. Our cosmetic dental office near St. Louis has helped thousands of people enjoy smiles they can be proud of!

One of the most unique aspects of Lumineers is that the process is drill-free and minimally invasive. In fact, they are sometimes called the “no prep dental veneer.” When it comes to cosmetic dental veneers, Lumineers offer one of the quickest and easiest ways for predictable cosmetic results.

Cosmetic Dental Lumineers

Dream Dentist also offers traditional ceramic dental veneers. Our ceramic veneers are perfect for patients who need the most dramatic smile makeover possible. Each one is carefully hand crafted and designed under Dr. Thompson’s detailed instructions, providing the perfect final touch for the permanent cosmetic restorations.

Beautiful Porcelain Crowns

If your teeth are broken down or decayed, porcelain crowns can provide you with the aesthetics of porcelain veneers but the strength of a full coverage restoration. Patients come from all over St. Louis for the beautiful and gentle dental care available at Dream Dentist. Will you? Contact our office today to book your first appointment with our leading aesthetic dental office.