Afraid of Losing Your Denture?

You’re not alone if you are! Dentures are valuable personal items. It takes a good deal of time (not to mention money) to have one made. If you lose it, not only is that a financial blow, but it can leave you quite inconveniently without any teeth until who knows when.

Here’s what you can do to get some peace of mind and avoid losing your denture.

Put Your Name on Your Belongings

This might be a throwback to elementary school, but it still works!

Labeling dentures is an especially good idea for a family member who lives in a nursing home or other group assisted living arrangement. Residents are known for occasionally picking up things that don’t belong to them.

Having dentures clearly labeled is a good way to recover them if they get “misplaced.”

Have a Backup

A single set of dentures will not last forever. Why not stay ahead of the game and have a new one made while the old are still usable? That way, you’ll still have something to wear should you happen to lose a set.

Try Implants

Find out whether you’re a candidate for dental implants. You may only need a couple. They can anchor your denture in place for a secure bite. Implants will make your denture less likely to fall out of your mouth and crash onto the floor when you sneeze!

Find an Emergency Dentist

It’s good to have someone you can count on in a pinch for emergency repairs and denture fittings. Do you have a denture dentist in O’Fallon? If not, call Dream Dentist today to set up a visit with our team.

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