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What to Expect During Your First Dental Visit

23 June 2022
At Dream Dentist, we love meeting new patients! We also know that you may have questions or concerns about what to expect during your first dental visit with us. Knowing what to expect can often help new patients feel at ease - and we are all about comfortable, stress-free dental care at our O’Fallon office.

Toothbrush Care 101

6 May 2022
When is the last time that you replaced your toothbrush? Can’t remember? Well, you are likely to be long overdue.

When to See a Dentist About Your Sleep

21 April 2022
It may seem odd to discuss your sleep habits with your dentist. However, there are certain sleep disorders that can be effectively treated with the help of a qualified dentist who is trained in dental sleep medicine. If you are snoring loudly or waking up gasping for air throughout the night, you may be a candidate for sleep apnea treatment.

Why You Should Never Ignore A Dry Mouth

24 March 2022
While it may not sound like a big deal, a dry mouth can not only be extremely uncomfortable to deal with, but it can also pose a serious threat to your smile health. Adequate levels of saliva are needed to help you chew your food, swallow and even speak. However, your saliva also plays a crucial role in your oral health. It rinses away bacteria from your teeth and gums as well as neutralizes harmful acids inside your mouth. Without enough spit, your risk for decay is up to three times greater! Considering that 1 in 4 adults suffer from some degree of dry mouth, it is imperative that you understand its culprits and consequences so that you can seek proper treatment.

Eating and Drinking for Your Smile: Why pH Matters

17 February 2022
When it comes to maintaining healthy teeth and gums, you probably know that you should brush and floss daily as well as see your dentist every six months. However, there are other driving factors that can make or break your oral health. If you really want to protect your pearly whites and avoid dental damage over time, it is time to pay attention to your diet. More specifically, start understanding the pH value of what you eat and drink each day.

4 Critical Steps to Prevent Gum Disease

26 January 2022
If you are like most people, when you consider your oral health, you only think of your teeth. However, your gums play critical roles towards your smile’s foundation as well as your overall health. Is gum disease on your radar? It should be. Nearly half of American adults have gum disease, and an estimated 80% will face this condition sometime during their lifetime.