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Sleep Apnea Treatment: No CPAP Required

15 February 2019
When you suffer from sleep apnea, it can be impossible to get a good night’s rest for both you and your sleeping partner. Maybe having a sleep study done and wearing a mask over your face at night isn’t an appealing solution for you. This method can also be quite costly. Dream Dentist in O'Fallon, IL has a reliable, wallet-friendly alternative for your sleep apnea woes.

My Child Has Gingivitis—What Should I Do?

17 January 2019
“Gingivitis” is the clinical term for inflamed gums; it’s a very common condition. So common, in fact, that even kids can get it.

What Thumb Sucking Does to Your Mouth

17 December 2018
Thumb sucking, using a pacifier, or being given a bottle are things babies enjoy and find comfort in. However, when it is allowed to go on for too long, these vices can have serious effects on the development of the child’s mouth.

May Your Christmas Be Merry and Your Teeth Be Bright

15 November 2018
The holidays are filled with moments where great memories can be made. A warm smile between two loved ones - a family photo to cherish for a lifetime. But the way you feel about your teeth can really affect the emotion you show and how others perceive you.

Crowned Tooth Decay

15 October 2018
Cosmetic dentistry can be a huge financial investment. The last thing you’ll want is to suffer from decay with your new beautiful smile. Some patients don’t realize that teeth with new restorations can still get cavities.

Get Your Smile On!

19 September 2018
In America, we tend to be overwhelmed by social media. Not only can we follow the news (or someone’s interpretation of it!) but we can also follow our favorite entertainers and find out about new shows, movies, music, and more. And of course, we can use it for its original use: sharing our lives and opinions with our friends and family.