3 Reasons Why Even Denture Wearers Need a Dental Checkup

If you're now totally reliant on your denture, then you might think you're done with the dentist. No teeth left for a dentist to fill, right? So why bother?

Even without natural teeth, your mouth needs the attention of a dentist. The following three reasons for this will help you see just how much Dream Dentist cares about your smile!

1. Keep Your Mouth Clean

Regular hygiene appointments at Dream Dentist are the perfect opportunities to make sure that your denture is SUPER clean! Your dental hygienist will also review your denture cleaning technique to make sure it stays clean and safe. This can also help you avoid problems like infections or bad breath. 

2. Make Sure Your Denture Fits Comfortably

Dr. Sarah Thompson can easily maintain your denture's condition the more often you bring it in. If you wait too long, a small fracture can spread and potentially ruin the prosthesis.

3. Check for Sores and Cancer

The fit of your denture loosens as your mouth changes shape with time. When our dentist checks the fit regularly, she can make small adjustments, as needed. An ill-fitting denture is hard to chew with and can cause irritations and sores in your mouth.

Maybe there aren't any teeth to examine, but the health of your gums, bone, tongue, cheeks, and lips isn't forgotten! A cancer screening is vital, whether you have teeth or not.

Visit the Dentist - With or Without Teeth!

A clean and comfortable denture will free you up to enjoy life with one less worry. Take advantage of dental checkups to make sure your denture is doing its job! If you live in the O'Fallon area, call us to schedule an appointment.

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