MetLife Dental Insurance

Dream Dentist gladly accepts MetLife dental insurance, along with several other popular dental insurance plans that our patients carry. We understand that working with a dentist who takes MetLife is important, and that’s why we are happy to arrange coordination of benefits on our patients’ behalf.

Before your first visit, we will gather your information and confirm all of your insurance benefits prior to any services being completed. That way you never have to guess about what your insurance covers (or doesn’t).

Dentists Who Accept MetLife

People choose Dream Dentist because of our excellent reputation when it comes to gentle cosmetic dentistry. Dr. Sarah Thompson is one of the most nationally recognized cosmetic dentists in the St. Louis area and is also a licensed sleep and sedation dentist.

If you need any type of treatment, we will create an itemized care plan that reviews all of your procedures, your estimated MetLife dental insurance benefits and any expected out of pocket fees. You will never have to be surprised about the cost of your care at Dream Dentist. Let us help you arrange your MetLife insurance coverage so that you receive the maximum benefit already purchased through your plan. Most of our patients receive a fully covered preventive care appointment twice each year - which is a great place to start!

Regardless of how long it has been since you last saw a dentist, Dream Dentist is a great place to start. Our listening ear and gentle touch will put your mind right at ease. Our insurance coordinators are happy to answer any questions that you may have about your MetLife dental coverage and how it relates to the services that we provide. Don’t wait - contact us today to schedule your first appointment.