Why Replace Missing Teeth?

Unlike baby teeth, losing an adult tooth is not a welcome or celebrated experience. There is no Tooth Fairy visit when a permanent tooth is lost. More importantly, there is no replacement tooth waiting to grow back in its place. This can create some problems – including those that go beyond the aesthetic concerns of having a gapped smile.

How Adult Teeth Are Lost

It is never ideal to lose or remove a permanent tooth. Modern dentists are equipped with numerous treatments to save a dying or damaged tooth, including root canal therapy, crowns, fillings and more. However, whether it is due to accidental trauma or severe decay, some adult teeth just can’t be saved. While you can’t reverse the condition of losing a real tooth, you can choose to replace it with a prosthetic dental solution. Restorative dentistry now offers remarkable options in bridges, dentures and implants that look, feel and function just like natural teeth.

What Happens if You Ignore a Missing Tooth

Most patients are anxious to replace a missing tooth when it is at the front of their smile. The aesthetic threats of a missing tooth can be quite substantial. However, the appearance of your smile is only a minor concern compared to the other chain of events that are likely to occur when a permanent tooth goes missing.

A primary problem is shifting teeth. When an open gap is left in your smile, the adjacent teeth will naturally migrate towards the open space. This creates misalignment, which in turn impacts how easy it is to clean your teeth as well as how well your teeth fit together when you bite down. Consequently, this shifting of teeth can contribute to tooth decay, malocclusion, jaw problems (TMJ) and other setbacks within your oral health and well-being.

Another less obvious issue with not replacing a missing tooth is bone loss. Your jawbone is responsible for holding the shape of your lower face. When there are no tooth roots to stimulate the jawbone, however, it can lose its density and form. This can cause a collapse or hallowed-appearance in your face, which can make you look much older than you really are.

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