What to Expect During Your First Dental Visit

At Dream Dentist, we love meeting new patients! We also know that you may have questions or concerns about what to expect during your first dental visit with us. Knowing what to expect can often help new patients feel at ease - and we are all about comfortable, stress-free dental care at our O’Fallon office.

When you arrive for your first visit, you’ll be greeted by one of our friendly team members who will check you in. For new patients, it is important that we gather all the necessary health and financial information we will need to create a patient file. Don’t dismiss the importance of your overall health, medical conditions, family history and medications you are taking as it pertains to your dental care.

Although our lobby is equipped with the comforts of home, we won’t keep you waiting. One of our dental assistants or hygienists will soon escort you back for your checkup and cleaning. In most cases, we will start by getting x-rays, unless you had recent x-rays that we received from your former dentist. Our practice utilizes advanced digital technology, which is safer, quicker and more accurate than traditional film.

Along with a thorough cleaning with ultrasonic dental technology, you can also to get two exams during your first visit: a periodontal exam and a dental exam. The periodontal exam will be performed by our hygienist. This will check your gum health and measure any pockets that have formed around your teeth. The dental exam will be performed by Dr. Thompson, who will use your x-rays and a physical exam of your mouth and teeth to evaluate your complete oral health.

Typically, your first visit is designed to get a baseline of your oral health and determine the best periodontal and treatment plan for you. It is also a chance for you to get acquainted with our office and staff. We value the importance of communication and relationship with our patients. In regard to your dental health, both our hygienist and dentist will discuss any issues and suggested treatments you may need before you leave. Feel free to ask questions about the treatments suggested or about other services we offer, like cosmetic treatments or restorative dentistry.

We are thrilled you have decided to join our dental family and we look forward to meeting you. Call today to learn more or tell us how we can better prepare for your first dental appointment at Dream Dentist.

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