What Do I Do With These Crooked Teeth?

Every time you look in the mirror, it bothers you. You don’t smile; you don’t take pictures. When you talk, you do your best to keep your lips covering what you see as your worst physical flaw. Isn’t it time you did something about your crooked teeth?

How Bad Is It Really?

Your crooked teeth are probably not as bad as you think. But that’s all the more reason to have their alignment corrected! Treatment length or type will depend on which teeth are involved, and how soon you want to achieve results.

Simple Correction

When the shape and color of your teeth are good, and the alignment from left to right is the only problem, Invisalign is a great option to consider!  In 6-12 months, your teeth will look straight and aligned; since the treatment trays are clear, no one needs to know that you’ve been wearing them! Invisalign is actually able to correct most bite and crowding issues, with a few exceptions.  Ask Dr. Thompson if they will work for you!

Cover it Up

When your teeth are crooked, discolored, not shaped well, and you don’t want to take a year to correct them, call your Dream Dentist to find out about Porcelain Veneers and ultra-thin Lumineers. Veneers can give you an entirely new smile, placed over your existing teeth. Lumineers do the same, but without losing any vital tooth structure. Whether you choose porcelain or ultra thin veneers, the set is hand-crafted to fit your mouth and individual teeth. We’ll bond them to your teeth and give you the smile you always dreamed of.

Crooked teeth can really make you feel insecure and unhappy. If you’re ready to get your confidence back, call The Dream Dentist!

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