Wake Up Call

When you wake up in the morning feeling anything but rested, with a headache brewing behind your eyes, and your neck tense, it’s not going to be a good day.

There are a number of reasons why your sleep could be less than restful: a lumpy pillow, a cold or sinus infection, even a migraine, if you are prone to those.  But another reason you might wake up this way is because you grind your teeth at night. This is called bruxism, and it can be a real problem!

Back To The Grind

Grinding your teeth is usually a symptom of a larger problem. It can even be symptomatic of obstructive sleep apnea, a serious disorder that keeps you from breathing regularly during sleep.

Even if bruxism is the problem and not just a symptom, it can lead to TMJ disorder, worn teeth and broken crowns or fillings. But the Dream Dentist, Dr. Thompson, can help you get a good night’s rest again.

It’s Time to Rest Easy

A comprehensive dental examination can find out how your grinding “habit” is affecting your teeth, your jaw, and your bite.

If any restoration needs to take place, we will work with you to plan a course of treatment that corrects underlying functional concerns. Once treatment is completed, we can also fit you for a custom night guard to alleviate pressure from your teeth and jaw, allowing your teeth to slip instead of lock into the grind. And if you show signs of sleep apnea, we can provide information on how to get a diagnosis, then back into our office for treatment!

Schedule your consultation today so you can get a better night’s sleep with the help of the Dream Dentist.

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