Signs Your Dental Crown Needs Replacement

A dental crown is one of the most effective and time-tested treatments in dentistry. A crown is meant to restore a tooth that is too weak or damaged to be repaired with a dental filling but not compromised enough to be extracted and replaced. Crowns cover all visible surfaces of the affected tooth to help it regain both functionality and aesthetics.

While dental crowns are made of durable, natural-looking materials, they do not last forever. Even with proper care, a dental crown can reach the end of its lifespan and need replacement. It is important to know when your dental crown needs possible repair or replacement, as this means the crown is no longer doing its job of protecting the underlying tooth.

If you have a dental crown, here are a few warning signs that your crown needs professional attention:

#1 Toothache

The most obvious symptom of a failing dental crown is a toothache. When a crown is not properly sealed to the weakened tooth underneath, it can allow bacteria to reach the porous tooth and trigger pain.

#2 Swelling of Surrounding Gums

Inflammation anywhere in the body is typically a sign that something is wrong. When swelling occurs in the gums around the dental crown, it can mean that an infection is brewing underneath these soft tissues and at the base of the tooth.

#3 Visible Damage or Failure

Failure within your dental crown is not always something you can feel. It can often be a visible symptom. Let your dentist know right away if you notice the following changes in the way your crown looks:

  • Out of position with the rest of your teeth
  • Cracked or chipped
  • Crooked or not seated properly next to the gum line

Contact Dream Dentist for Crown Repair or Replacement

If your crown is loose or doesn’t feel the way it used to, don’t panic. There are many times in which a dental crown can simply be repaired instead of replaced. However, getting a new dental crown is a simple and quick process too. At Dream Dentist, we use the highest quality materials and latest technology to craft your dental crown, but we know that no dental crown is invincible. If you are having trouble with your crown, call our O’Fallon office today!

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