Is Your Lower Denture Loose?

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An upper denture typically has a plate that's molded to fit your across the roof of your mouth. This gives it more surface area to suction onto. But lower dentures tend to be tricky.

It's common for a lower prosthesis to rock and wobble over the bony ridge of your jaw. With time, the unnatural force of dentures pressing down on the bone causes it to resorb. This results in the ever-changing shape of your jaw that makes it so hard to fit a denture.

Dr. Thompson from Dream Dentist has these tips if a loose denture is causing you headache and embarrassment.

1. Use an Adhesive

For starters, see how you get along with the help of a little denture adhesive. This product comes in powders, creams, and pastes. Just remember that it's not a substitute for a solid denture structure.

2. Reline Your Denture

Dr. Thompson can make special adjustments to your denture to help it fit better. This isn't the solution in every case, but it can help if your oral anatomy has slightly changed.

3. Get A New Denture

There eventually comes a point where you have to face the facts and accept that it might be time to move on!

4. Try Implants

A couple of short and conservative implants could be all it takes to secure your denture for life. Implants can connect to attachments placed on the underside of your denture. Instead of resting on your gums and wearing away bone, your denture could be securely supported by implants.

Take action now while your denture is loose before you lose it! Contact Dr. Sarah Thompson to plan a visit and find out what you can do to secure your most important accessory.

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