How Diabetes Affects Your Dental Health

Something has happened in America to increase our consumption of sugar.

More than 9% of the population of the US has Type II Diabetes. The CDC has classified that number as an epidemic, though it’s not contagious. This disease affects every part of your body, from your skin, to your nervous system, to your heart. It promotes inflammation throughout your body, causing wounds to be slow to heal and joints to ache.

Did you know that diabetes also affects your teeth and gums?

The Effects of Excess Sugar

At its heart, Type II Diabetes is when your body stops reacting to the hormone insulin, which makes it harder to clear sugar from your bloodstream. This results in a high A1C number, which is your blood sugar. Since your body is unable to clear the sugars from your blood, your saliva also becomes rich with sugar and thicker, less able to rinse your mouth. Your mouth becomes drier, and you find yourself needing to sip on a drink frequently.

The increased sugars in your mouth attract and feed bacteria, leaving plaque behind that is not easily cleared away by the small amounts of saliva produced. Your gums become inflamed by the tartar build up and bacteria get under your gums and spread into your bloodstream. Gum inflammation makes it difficult to keep your blood sugar under control, and together, the periodontitis-diabetes connection becomes a vicious cycle.

Dental patients with diabetes need special care to keep their teeth and gums healthy. At Dream Dentist, our team of dental experts can help you establish a healthy oral environment that benefits your overall health (including your blood sugar levels).

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