Fight Bad Breath With These 4 Tips

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Nothing ruins a date like having bad breath. Even just the worry that your breath stinks can be enough to make you doubt that you made a good impression.

With these four tips, you could potentially banish your halitosis for good.

1. Drink more water.

Something as simple as your hydration levels affects the quality of your breath. A dry mouth harbors lots of unwanted and smelly bacteria. Looking to acidic, sweet, caffeinated, or dairy-containing beverages probably won’t help. Stick to good old H2O!

2. Chew on something fresh.

A candy or gum won’t always work in severe cases of bad breath. Mask the odor of what you had at dinner by munching on a clove, some fennel, or a sprig of parsley. These natural spices and herbs are powerful breath fresheners and don’t have any added chemicals or sugars.

3. Boost your oral hygiene efforts.

Just when you think you can’t brush any more than you already do, brush again! There’s always room for improvement in frequency and/or technique. Your toothbrushing should clock in at two minutes per session for 2-3 times per day.

Don’t forget to brush your tongue where lots of odors and bacteria hang out. Frequent flossing and adding an antibacterial mouthrinse to your routine can help, as well. Steer clear of mouthwash with alcohol, which can alter the flora of your mouth.

4. Get a dental checkup.

Bad breath is often an indicator of a serious oral health problem like an abscess or gum infection. An examination with Dr. Thompson could unearth the true cause behind your haunting halitosis.

Ready for more tips on keeping your smile bright and fresh?

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