Do You Need a Root Canal?

Have you ever spotted a cavity in your tooth and then freaked out, thinking “do I need a root canal?”

The term “root canal” is often associated with restorative dentistry in general. So it’s easy to assume that Dream Dentist would prescribe a root canal for any major dental problem.

Surprisingly, root canals aren’t the fix-all solution for everything, but there are some situations where you’re likely to need one.

Fractured Tooth

If your tooth has a very large chip or crack, the nerve could be exposed to bacteria. Such damage can only be treated by removing the nerve and sealing the tooth with a root canal.

History of Multiple Treatments on One Tooth

If a tooth is patched up time and again, it will become structurally weak. Root canal therapy may be necessary to fully preserve and protect the tooth.

Constant Nerve Problems

Perhaps it’s due to a large or poorly-done filling, or as the result of trauma. Whatever the reason, if a tooth nerve doesn’t feel better after a few attempts at treating it, then it could be time for a root canal.

Abscessed Tooth

When a cavity gets so big that it reaches the blood supply of the tooth, it can trigger an abscess. This is a painful pus-filled infection that happens when the tooth nerve dies. An abscess must be drained of bacteria and then the tooth treated with a root canal.

Smaller damage requires much more conservative treatment, such as a filling. Whatever your tooth needs, you can be sure to get fast, quality, and comfortable treatment right here at Dream Dentist. Call us today to schedule.

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