5 Ways to Improve Your Tooth Brushing Routine

Did you know that by making a few small changes in your brushing techniques could provide your mouth with major benefits?

Dr. Sarah Thompson and her team at Dream Dentist are big on educating our patients. Take a look at these five tips she recommends for getting the most out of how you brush your teeth.

1. Try a Powered Toothbrush

These aren't just fancy toys – a powered toothbrush can make a big difference if you have trouble holding a regular brush. Many patients feel that their teeth are extra clean when they switch to an electric toothbrush.

2. Choose the Right Toothpaste

Yes, it matters!

Pick a toothpaste that meets your dental needs. Some aim towards plaque control to reduce gingivitis while others carry extra fluoride to fight cavities. Avoid whitening toothpastes if you have lot of dental restorations. Whitening pastes usually contain gritty pieces that can scratch up your beautiful crowns.

3. Brush for Two Minutes

Time makes a big difference. A hasty brushing job will leave behind microscopic layers of plaque that contributes to gum disease and tooth decay. Too many quick brushing sessions could let a serious problem grow without you realizing it.

4.  Lighten Up!

Less is more when it comes to force. Bacteria and food are easily swiped away with a gentle brushing motion, whereas brushing too hard can wear down tooth enamel and cause gum recession.

5. Don't Rinse with Water

Your toothpaste is more than soap for your teeth. It contains agents that strengthen enamel and prevent bacterial buildup. You can spit when your done brushing, but leave what's leftover to work wonders on your teeth.

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