3 Ways to Relieve Dental Anxiety

O'Fallon IL Dentists That Use SedationDoes going to the dentist make you feel scared or anxious? Do you feel your blood pressure going up as soon as you walk through the front door? “White coat syndrome” is real, even if you don’t feel afraid of the dentist…and it can keep you from having the beautiful smile that you deserve.

How can you help yourself feel more relaxed when you visit the dentist?

Choose the Right Dental Practice

If you hate going to the dentist, maybe you’re seeing the wrong one. It’s time to find a dentist that you can actually look forward to visiting - and where they know you by name. Dream Dentist patients know that they aren’t just a number - they are like part of the family.

Ask for Sedation

You don’t have to be shaking in your boots to be a candidate for sedation dentistry. Dream Dentist patients know we offer many types of sedation - we even have one for you. Sedation is an excellent, no-hassle way to put your mind at ease. Whether you are having a dental cleaning or getting a root canal, sedation can help you feel like you’re napping right through the entire visit. Different levels of sedation provide different effects - just call us to see which one is the right choice for you.

See Your Dentist Regularly

At Dream Dentist, our patients understand that routine visits mean they need less dental treatment over time. Why? Because we are able to help them eliminate risks by diagnosing smaller problems earlier. In many cases, you can take preventive action instead of the need for a filling or surgery.

Ready to take the first step in a dental check-up that you can enjoy? Call Dream Dentist today!