3 Signs You Have a Stressed-Out Smile

Woman with Tooth Pain in O'Fallon ILIn our modern, fast-paced society, stress is all too common. Whether it is an overcommitted schedule, trying to make ends meet or caring for a sick family member, stress can quickly impact your emotional health as well as your physical health. Just like your stomach or skin, stress can make itself known in your mouth too.

The following three dental concerns commonly develop during times of stress and tension:

Mouth Sores

Oral sores such as fever blisters can be a byproduct of stress. While the herpes simplex virus directly causes fever blisters, it is emotional upsets and stress that can trigger their outbreak.

Gum Disease and Decay

It is common to slack on your oral hygiene efforts when you’re stressed. Maybe you frequently fall asleep on the couch without brushing your teeth, or eat more sugary snacks to cope with your stress. Such changes in your routine can impact your smile health and provide an open invitation for tooth decay and gum disease.

Jaw Pain

Do you bite your nails, grind your teeth or clench your jaw when you are stressed? Unfortunately, whether you are aware you are doing it or not, the consequences are still the same. Teeth grinding (bruxism), nail biting, pencil chewing and ice chomping can all wear down your teeth and put extra stress on your TMJ (jaw joint). This can lead to disruptive jaw pain, jaw stiffness or headaches.

Is your mouth feeling the effects of your chronic stress? At Dream Dentist, we always encourage patients to find ways to relieve extra tension and stress in their lives when possible. However, if your dental health as already suffered due to your emotional tension, we can help. Our office provides effective treatment for gum disease, decay, TMJ pain and much more.