3 Reasons to Sleep Through Your Dental Treatment

O'Fallon IL Sedation DentistsAt Dream Dentist, we feel that your comfort during dental procedures is just as important as the treatment you receive. The way you feel during dental treatment can even affect the success of a procedure. Sedation dentistry has also been dubbed "sleep dentistry." You are not actually asleep during the procedure but rather are given relaxants that make you feel as if you have been sleeping. Why do we encourage you to give sleep dentistry a try?

#1 - You're Done Before You Know It!

Sedation used in dental procedures will make your memory of the treatment brief and vague, but pleasant. That's if you remember anything at all! Sleep dentistry can enable you to have some extensive treatment done which may take hours, but it will feel like a mere few minutes to you.

#2 - Say Goodbye to Dental Anxiety

During any major dental procedure, you need some local anesthetic to numb the areas being treated. Once you are under the influence of a relaxing sedation therapy, you won't be bothered at all by receiving an injection. If you have phobias of dentistry, needles, or drills, then sleep dentistry will keep the experience positive for you so that you never have to turn down necessary dental health care.

#3 - You Are Still in Control

As mentioned before, you aren't truly asleep during your sedation dentistry session. You are relaxed and sleepy, but you will still be able to ask and answer questions while we are working with you.

Schedule your next dental procedure with us at Dream Dentist for the most relaxing treatment possible. You can rest assured that your experience will be quick and comfortable.