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Do You Need a Root Canal?

12 February 2018
Have you ever spotted a cavity in your tooth and then freaked out, thinking “do I need a root canal?”

Wake Up Call

16 January 2018
When you wake up in the morning feeling anything but rested, with a headache brewing behind your eyes, and your neck tense, it’s not going to be a good day.

What Do I Do With These Crooked Teeth?

8 December 2017
Every time you look in the mirror, it bothers you. You don’t smile; you don’t take pictures. When you talk, you do your best to keep your lips covering what you see as your worst physical flaw. Isn’t it time you did something about your crooked teeth?

Does It Hurt Getting a Dental Crown?

14 November 2017
Like other folks in O’Fallon, you may worry about how much a particular dental procedure will hurt. The good news is that getting a crown doesn’t have to hurt at all.

Afraid of Losing Your Denture?

12 October 2017
You’re not alone if you are! Dentures are valuable personal items. It takes a good deal of time (not to mention money) to have one made. If you lose it, not only is that a financial blow, but it can leave you quite inconveniently without any teeth until who knows when.

4 Things You've Always Secretly Wondered About Your Smile

18 September 2017
Those four questions have always haunted you. You’ve either felt too embarrassed to ask them or have yet to find a satisfying answer. Dr. Sarah Thompson knows that all O’Fallon residents have concerns about oral health. So we’ve put together this list of common questions about teeth along with the answers you’ve been searching for.